Beyond Brainstorming: Fix Perpetual Dull and Pointless Meetings With Advanced Brainstorming Methods!

Created by Cannsult in Articles 20/08/2022
96% of problems come from the process, and 4% can be credited to the employee. That goes for dull and pointless meetings too!

When trying to get ideas from the team, facilitators have to be much more than talking heads. And asking for ideas out of the blue is sure to be a tranquilizer to the face of employees.

Flat unproductive brainstorming sessions are extremely common in modern-day organizations. In our online Green Belt course, we learn in the “improve” phase that brainstorming can be spiced up with some very simple techniques and tools. Learn advanced techniques in Cannsult’s “Beyond Brainstorming” E-Course to pump up the creativity and put a stop to the yawning in your organization’s meetings!

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